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ground plant pot S - white
CHF 35.00CHF 24.50

Shinzangama pottery Yamatsu ground_grip S - white

Clay, feldspar and quartz stone are essential for the production of ceramics and pottery.
These are exhaustible natural resources created by the global environment over a very long period of time.
Yamatsu pottery has made planters from recycled earth to make careful use of these precious resources.

Mino ware is famous for making pottery in Japan.
This is probably where most of the "earth" in Japan is used.

The planters are fired without glaze to express the color of the recycled clay itself. The saucer is glazed.

Design: Keita Hanazawa

Size pot: W95 x D95 x H70mmm
Size dish: W75 x D75 x H17mmm
Capacity: 330ml
Weight: 260g
Material: porcelain (20% recycled clay) / Mino ware

Made in Japan