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Body Towel - Cotton / Linen
CHF 18.00

A body towel that gently yet thoroughly cleanses your skin while showering. The towel is made of a blend of Flemish linen and carefully selected cotton, which is pleasant to the skin.

It drains well and dries quickly after use, making it hygienic to use. For easy drying, the cloth can be hung on a hook. Over time, the fibers become thinner and softer and can then be used for washing sensitive areas of the skin.

The body towel is divided into two parts: the white part is made of linen and the black part is made of cotton. If you hold the strings at both ends, you can wash the back and other hard-to-reach places.

Size: W120 x L900mm (1000mm with Strings)
Material: 60% Linen / 40% Cotton
Strings: 100% Acrylic

Made in Japan