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Yukine Towel - pink
CHF 28.00

The Shinto Yukine towel is made from sustainable organic cotton.

Another feature of this towel is "atozarashi" - a finishing process after weaving. Traditionally, towels are woven with starched fibres as this increases their durability. However, the starch can repel water and therefore impairs absorbency.
By washing and bleaching after weaving, starch, oils and other impurities can be removed from the fibres, allowing for better absorbency while maintaining the fluffy texture.

It is true that atozarashi waste water must also be used in the finishing/dyeing process. However, this is purified over a long period of time in a wastewater treatment plant using bacteria to meet one of the strictest wastewater standards in the world before being discharged into the nearby river. This not only protects the local landscape and ecosystem, but also helps to minimise the environmental impact of production.

Care instructions: The towel can be machine washed at up to 60°C and machine dried.

Fun fact: If you rub two parts of the towel together, it makes a sound reminiscent of footsteps in fresh snow.

Size S: W330 × L820mm
Size M: W400 × L1100mm
Size L: W600 × L1200mm
Material: 100% organic cotton

Made in Japan