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Iwachu Incense Burner - Purple Lotus Flower
CHF 32.00

Immerse yourself in the world of Japanese incense burning

With this elegant cast-iron incense burner from Iwachu, you can enjoy your favorite incense sticks in a traditional Japanese style. The censer is made in Morioka, Japan, by a family business that has been pouring incense sticks for more than 100 years.

The lotus flower: a symbol of purity and longevity

The lotus flower is an important symbol in Japanese culture. It stands for purity and enlightenment. The muddy water in which the lotus flower grows is associated with attachment and carnal desires. The immaculate flower that grows there represents the promise of salvation. Legend has it that when the little Buddha began to walk, a lotus flower blossomed in every place he set foot.

The lotus is also associated with longevity. This is not surprising when you consider that some seeds found in the Chinese province of Liaoning germinated after lying dormant for more than 1300 years!

Size: Ø108 x 25mm
Material: Cast iron (includes incense burning stand)

Made in Japan